Thursday, 24 February 2011

Narrative Text


One morning, as the sun had just warmed the world, all forest creatures went out to look for food. They were full of spirit, except Mouse Deer. He lay fast asleep under a big tree. He did not pay attention the animals passing in front of him. Suddenly, a jackfruit fell.
Mouse Deer awoke with a start. He blinked his eyes open. He scratched his head with his hind leg, and then walked slowly to the river to take a bath. After that he went to get food.
It was nearly midday. Mouse Deer got tired. He also felt very hungry but he did not yet get food. He looked here and there. He did not realize that there was a hole ahead of him.
Mouse Deer fell into the hole. He cried. He was afraid no one would help him so that he would die hungrily in the hole. He looked up at the sky. He watched the clouds were blown by the wind.
Mouse Deer then heard the branches of trees were being cracked and broken. At once he felt that help would come. Mouse Deer was right. Not far away was an elephant walking to him. Quickly he wiped away the tears on his face. He did not want Elephant knew that he was in danger.
Elephant looked down into the hole. As he found Mouse Deer at the bottom he could hardly believe his eyes.
“What are you doing there?” Elephant asked.
“My friend,” said Mouse Deer, “didn’t you know that the world is coming to an end? Look at those clouds. They are running across the sky quickly. They are going to fall on us, and that is why I am here. In this hole I will be safe.”
Elephant was very frightened right away. Anxiously he said, “Mouse Deer, please help me. Please let me down into the hole. Save me from those clouds that are going to fall on us.”
“Sorry, I can’t help you,” answered Mouse Deer. “You have a big body. You will crush me and kill me if I let you down into this hole.”
“Oh, how can you be so cruel to me, your good friend!” cried Elephant.
Full of sad, Mouse Deer looked at Elephant then said, “Ok, I’ll help you. But, before coming down into this hole, you must lift me out of here first with your trunk. Then you come down. I’ll come down after you.”
“Thank you, my friend,” said Elephant happily.
With his trunk Elephant lifted Mouse Deer up from the bottom of the hole. He put him on his back. When he would come down into the hole, Mouse Deer said, “My friend, I think you don’t need to come down. The clouds are no more. The end of the world will not happen.”
Elephant looked up at the sky. There were no more clouds. The sky was bright now.
Elephant said, “You’re right my friend. The world will not come to an end. Oh, I’m so happy!”
Mouse Deer jumped from Elephant’s back. Elephant then leaved him. Mouse Deer looked at him. He took pity on him. He had a big body but was too stupid.

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